Mobile boiler house‘s rent

JSC “Vilniaus Energija“ announces the possibility to rent a modern, liquid-fueled, fully automated 3.0 MW thermal power mobile boiler station for the production and supply of thermal energy to a building or apartment building area or to ensure reserve thermal power (for DH reconstructions or new construction in the case of repairs of existing heat production sources).

The mobile boiler house is installed in semi-trailer, therefore with the help of a truck it can be transported to your object.

The boiler house is fully equipped: with flexible metallized connections it is connected to the heating network inlet or in the heat chamber, it has an integrated pull-out chimney of light construction, an integrated power generator of sufficient capacity, liquid fuel tanks and other necessary equipment.

Contacts for additional information: +370 656 10061 or +370 (5) 2667501.

More detailed technical parameters of the mobile boiler house are provided in the attached leaflet.pdf.